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The Tuesday Mazel: When Two Become One, They Become Jewy Brangelinas

While I was busy pillaging the Labor Day sale racks and chowing down on meat fresh off the holiday grill, it seems that every other Jew across the country was attending a wedding, if not getting married themselves. While I typically expect 1-4 Jewish unions in the weekly New York Times Weddings Section, I was shocked this week to find not 4, but 6 Jewish nuptials in the papers. Considering that not one deserved to be mazal-d more than the next, I thought that this called for a revival of my favorite Monday Tuesday Mazal simulated game show – The Big, Jewcy Hollywood Relationship Name Game!! Is it Brangelina? Bennifer? No! It’s Ben-Guirion-owitz!

When Alisa Mall and Ariel Rosenberg wed in Napa this weekend at the Silverado Resort they became…Aliel!

When Tommy Hilfiger’s advertising strategy media manager, Robin Stein, wed law associate Aaron Page this past Sunday, they signed all their thank you cards as…Pagestein!

When Colgate alumni Allison Frumin and Benjamin Reschovsky wed this past weekend, they registered as…Fruminjamin!

Jared Hecht, the founder and chief executive of GroupMe, a company that allows users to send simultaneous text messages on mobile devices to groups, married Carrie Weprin who manages creative development and video programming at an Internet television production company this past weekend. I now pronounce you…Jarrie.

Emily Fenkel and Russell Shattan were married this past Sunday at the Westin Philadelphia Hotel. Officiant Rabbi Aaron Landes proudly pronounced them Russkell!

And finally, when social worker Matthew Zablocki wed Rachel Levy, the president of Storyboard TV, a website where screenwriters and producers can upload scripts and solicit feedback and member of Brooklyn-based band Menage a Twang they became… Rachhew!

A hearty mazal and a happy belated Labor Day to all our Jewy Brangelinas!

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