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The Monday Mazel: Where Are The Jews?

After gushing over the large amount of same sex nuptials in the Simchas Section this past weekend, I scoured the New York Times for what seemed like the smallest amount of Jewish weddings listed in ages. After a good amount of minister this and chapel that I found some lovely Jewouples and as usual, some familiar faces.

Geri and Cynthia Armine-Klein made their hyphenation official on Sunday when they were married at my childhood friend’s shul, the Brooklyn Heights Synagogue. What touched me on a deeper level about Geri and Cynthia’s union was the memory of my friends and I drunkenly discussing our disappointment that this lovely couple could not legally tie the knot when we noticed their adorable and spiritual bond during a classic Brooklyn Simchat Torah street-dancing session. What a pleasure it was to read about their wedding in the paper and recall the day when one of them enthusiastically handed an intoxicated JAP (read: me) a Torah to dance with seven years ago…

Turning the page after a trip down Childhood-Stupidity-Memory Lane, I came across a classic case: someone I’ve exchanged emails with, heard many good things about, but have never met. Jaclyn Karas and Brandon Staub wed this past weekend at the Cranwell Resort in Lenox, Massachusetts. Karas, the publicist for vintage fashion brand What Goes Around Comes Around tied the knot with Staub, who recently left his post as an investment banker to pursue an M.B.A. at Stanford.

Last but not least, my final Jewish discovery of the week came in the form of Marcy Magid and Eric Pofsky. The two met, naturally, at the Jewish breeding ground that is Emory University and lived happily ever after.

Now that you’ve been previewed to the bleak world of Jews in Weddings Media this past weekend, allow me to share with you the bevy of seemingly Jewish names that much to my surprise, were married by apostles, commissioners for civil marriages and priests over their local rabbis: Bernstein, Freidman, Gross and Winkelman – there was even a bride by the name of Samantha Jones! Sadly, she was neither Jewish nor was she the real life version of her Sex and the City namesake.

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