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Real Life Lena Dunham Was a Shoshanna
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Real Life Lena Dunham Was a Shoshanna

Remember in Girls when Shoshanna really, really wanted to lose her virginity, but that guy from camp wouldn’t have sex with her because he didn’t want her to, like, get all clingy?

It’s just like virgins get attached. Or they bleed. You get attached when you bleed.

It turns out, camp guy (Skylar Astin—he went on to play acapella guy in Pitch Perfect) might be a composite of Lena Dunham’s past. Today on Instagram, Lena Dunham offered a #TBT, or Throwback Thursday, to that time in 2005 when she asked Time Out’s sex columnist Jamie Bufalino whether she should disclose her virgin status to the guy she eventually gets down with. Dunham sought out professional help because she had been getting some creepy feedback about her lack o’ sex:

Once you’re 19, people seem to expect that you’ve done it six ways to Sunday. So it can come as quite a shock when a girl my age admits that she’s still on the v-team. In fact, I speak for all my virgin friends when I say that confessing we are virgins has stopped more that one sexual experience from progressing further. It seems to freak guys out, like they think you’re going to get too attached to them if they devirginize you. Either that, or they find it really sexy in a somewhat pervy way.

Bufalino gave her some sage advice, telling Dunham not to worry or rush.

There will be no deadline-setting or peer-pressuring. You will simple live your Intermix-clad, iPod-accessorized, O.C.-obsessed life until you meet a young man who doesn’t give a white about your sexual status, but just wants to express his love for you through three timid thrusts and premature ejaculation.

Aw, now that’s the dream.

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