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Monday Mazel: Now We’re Feeling Bad About Ourselves…
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Monday Mazel: Now We’re Feeling Bad About Ourselves…

This week’s Simcha section was jam-packed with people who do so much good that it only serves to make each and every one of us feel bad about ourselves. From one Jewish announcement to the next, a bride or groom listed their employment as “good deed doing,” “world saving” and / or “peace making.” In short, I ended my reading of the Sunday Styles feeling sick to my stomach at the thought that I would return to my work on Monday as a fashion stylist, writer and publicist – doing quite little for the good of mankind and instead focusing all my energies on the well-being of their closets. Oh how materialistic I feel as I celebrate the meaningful mazals of the tri-state area’s goodie two shoes’ – may you feel equally as inadequate as you wish them a hearty mazal while realizing that your work as a magazine editor, investment banker and barista pales in comparison to the brides and grooms below.

Let’s start with Janet Weinberg, 56, and Rosalyn Richter, 55 – the chief operating officer of the Gay Men’s Health Crisis, Manhattan’s AIDS service organization, and the associate justice of the appellate division of the State Supreme Court in Manhattan. A justice of the New York State Supreme Court officiated the nuptials of these two dedicated servicewomen. God I feel ugly inside.

I then met Idit Klein, the Executive Director of Keshet, a nonprofit organization in Boston that works for LGBT equality within Jewish communities. Loving Idit already, I was even more pleased when I met her wife, Jordan Namerow through the pages of the New York Times. “Ms. Namerow, is the senior communications associate of American Jewish World Service, an international relief organization in New York.” As I was googling charities to donate chai ($18.00) to in order to make myself feel better for how little I have done for mankind as of late, I wondered – could Jordan Namerow have had anything to do with the genius Judd Apetow PSA Jewcy premiered earlier this year? International relief and comedic relief? Is there anything these women can’t and don’t do? UGH.

My frustration continues…Meet Heather Stoltz, an administrative assistant at the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance in Manhattan. Heather married Geoffrey Mitelman, “the associate rabbi at Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester in Chappaqua, N.Y.” and I am sure, an all around goodie two shoes. Together the two plan to rebuild desolate communities, donate much of their hard earned wages to charity and sign me up for the Peace Corps. In her past time, Heather works as a textile artist who creates fabric sculptures. “Her work was on display earlier this year in group shows at the Barnard University Kraft Center for Jewish Life in Manhattan and in the Callahan Center of St. Francis College in Brooklyn.” Facilitating major girl power while being featured in two museum exhibitions? I can’t even get my two blogs in order…

Wishing all these amazing world savers all the best in their newly-nuptials and wishing me, you and everyone we know all the luck in the world trying to do as much for man and womankind as these couples have done in this year alone. MAZAL!

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