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Monday Mazel: Ladino Speaking Sarah Silverman Gets Hitched!
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Monday Mazel: Ladino Speaking Sarah Silverman Gets Hitched!

Hey Jewcers — I’m filling in for Ms. Carrie this week, so bear with me as we walk through a weekend’s worth of mazals.

Firstly we’ve got to bestow a hefty mazal tov onto Vows couple Sarah Silverman (aka Sarah Aroeste, the Ladino-speaking musician) and her chasson Jeffrey Blaugrund.  The two met online and somehow got from bonding over The Fantasticks and Martin Buber to true love.  The two were married by Rabbi Mordechai Liebling on June 19th at Cat Rock Estate in Garrison, NY.  Guests, of course, drank mojitos, as if there were any other choice.

Next let’s congratulate silver fox Joseph Karn on his marriage to MediaVest executive, Allison Newman.  Mr. Karn is the owner of Advanced Alarm Systems Inc., which I’m sure is very interesting to his media planning kallah.  They are both from New Jersey, so it’s only right that the couple was married in West Orange (pronunciation: aaaah-range) by Rabbi Josh Goldstein, who we’re pretty sure we went to camp with.

Thirdly, we’ve got to mazal Elizabeth Epstein and Jonathan Miller, who met as ninth graders at Ramaz, one of Manhattan’s poshest Orthodox day schools.  They were married by their former principal, Rabbi Haskel Lookstein, who has an awesome name.  They both went to Columbia (shocker), the bride’s father is a lawyer (shocker!) and the groom’s father is–drumroll please–the dean of Ramaz.  Way to avoid detention for PDA, guys.

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