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JDate’s New Advertising Campaign Launches Today

“Find someone who wasn’t on your Birthright trip.” “Shiksappeal is overrated.”

JDate has a new advertising campaign, and—much like the experience of online dating—you’re either gonna love it or hate it. The ads, which launched today online and in New York’s Times Square, have elicited a mix of responses from the Jewish community. For some, the punchlines evoke cheesy (but benign) borscht belt humor. For others, they reinforce negative cultural stereotypes about Jews and gentiles.

Jeff Newelt, comics editor at Heeb and social media/public relations consultant, described the campaign as “obvious and hackneyed,” and many on Twitter agreed:


But responses were positive too:

Tablet Magazine put the question to their readers on Facebook, and a comment war basically erupted.

Nu, what do you think? Clever or cringeworthy? Would you ditch OKCupid for JDate?

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