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Dr. Ruth Doesn’t Want to Give Sex Advice to Her Grandchildren
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Dr. Ruth Doesn’t Want to Give Sex Advice to Her Grandchildren

Dr. Ruth, our favorite person ever, stopped by NPR’s “Ask Me Another” program, where she talked about her long career as a sex therapist, her thoughts on 50 Shades of Grey, and, most revealingly, her family. Like any good Jewish grandmother, she bragged about her four grandchildren—”nobody has grandchildren like mine!”–aged 22, 16, 14, and 10, and then things got personal:

“So the older ones, do they ever come to you for advice?” host Ophira Eisenberg asked Westheimer.

“God forbid, god forbid,” Westheimer responded, as the audience broke into laughter. “And if they would, I would send them not to a comedian. I would send to someone else.”

Ultimately, she explained, it’s not her job: “I do not want to ever counsel them. They have parents.” But Eisenberg, Westheimer told the crowd, would get a free session.

During the trivia round, Westheimer dropped some more knowledge, saying that breaking up via text was a no-no: “I would not like to get a message from somebody, ‘Goodbye! I found somebody else.'”

Have a listen to the whole segment:

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