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Arabs Hot for Israeli Porn

First, they refuse to acknowledge Israel’s existence. Then, they log on to a website that’s doubly forbidden: Not only is it Israeli–it’s Israeli porn. Who are these seekers of sexy skin? Oh, just a few hundred thousand (at least) Arabs in countries like Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Iraq, and if you ask me, they’re exhibiting some kind of newfangled Madonna and the Whore complex. “I hate Israel and will beat her down…or at least, beat off to her lovely ladies!” The fact that some of these countries even go so far as to block the Israeli “.il” domain isn’t slowing these sneaky porn rats down, either. Nosireebob: They’re logging on in droves to a site called Ratuv, especially now that the site has been translated into Arabic, with lots of detailed descriptions and a veritable assload of free pics.

It happened like this: After installing software that identifies where users are logging on, the managers of Ratuv discovered that a large number of their visitors were in Arab countries. They decided that a lack of diplomatic relations didn’t have to equal a lack of sexual relations, so despite not being able to accept money for video downloads from these countries, manager Nir Shahar set to work making the site as hospitable as possible. With the Arabic translations and extra free pics, traffic from these countries rocketed to 100,000 hits per week. The Ratuv team is currently looking into creating and registering a similar site in Europe or America, so that they can legally accept credit card payments from countries prohibited by Israeli law. They’re also eyeballing the possibility of making films in which Arab and Israeli stars come together. So to speak. Talk about a forbidden fetish.

Perhaps there is something to the old adage, “make love, not war,” after all. Someday soon, the ambassadors and diplomats of the world might just have names like Dick Long and Wendy Whoppers.

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