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Amy Schumer Knows How Hard it is to Look Good While Sexting
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Amy Schumer Knows How Hard it is to Look Good While Sexting

It’s time you got familiar with Amy Schumer—very familiar. The Long Island-bred comedian, whose specialty is wry, extra-dirty humor (see: Mostly Sex Stuff, her one-hour stand-up special), draws the inevitable comparison to Jewcy goddess Sarah Silverman, though Schumer’s brand of hyper-sexual humor laced with gross-out antics feels a bit more of the moment (but far more fleeting! We love you, Sarah).

Nowhere was that more evident than on the second episode of her new already successful Comedy Central show, Inside Amy Schumer, where Schumer tries to sext. (If you had to look that up, please stop reading. Now.) Though Willa Paskin correctly called the series out for its bro-centric comedy masked as edginess, this sketch seems more like a scene out of Girls than anything else.

It’s hard to take a cute selfie, let alone a flattering crotch shot. Especially for someone who looks like she has “a Hasidic rabbi living in her underpants (no offense).” Needless to say, this clip is NSFW:

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