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Wearing A Yarmulke Got Me Laid

Day three of a tour with my band Can!!Can, and I’m in a Walmart in Auburn, Alabama getting hit on by hot Jewish girls.

It’s not that I’m attractive, really. It’s the fact that I wear kippot almost everywhere I go, including indie rock shows, treif restaurants, and all the other places you don’t expect to see a dude in a yarmulke. Women dig it.

And not the frummie girls my buddy Heshy Fried writes about. No, these are totally secular Jewish girls. Their Judaism is a last name and a kugel recipe, that’s it! But they see that yarmulke and it’s girl-boner-time.

I think it’s because I live in the South. When I’m in NY or LA, no one gives a shit. But if you’re in the Bible Belt, a yarmulke is a weird status symbol, like, "hey guys I’m waaay more Jewish than you can stand. Please tell me your thoughts on Israel and ask me if I know that kid you went to middle school with." What these straight girls like about it, I think, is that you’re putting yourself out there. That takes balls…and I think people appreciate that.

Just my two sense. You probably shouldn’t wear kippah JUST so you can meet women, but if you can glorify G-d and get some dates out of it, then so much the better.

Side note: I’m getting married, so I can’t really do this experiment anymore. But if there are single guys out there, or even better, some awesome G-dly lesbians who want to test out this kippot-for-phone-numbers thing, please do so. I’d love to know your results.

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