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The Top Five Purim Videos of 2013
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The Top Five Purim Videos of 2013

Purim is upon us, and as with any Jewish holiday these days, that means viral videos. This year’s bunch has everything: stars, snacks, and the return of the foul-mouthed Bubala Please guys. Also a lot of old-timey Jewish background music.

Here are the poppy seed season’s most noteworthy videos:

The Family-Friendly: Maya Rudolph stopped by the set of Shalom Sesame with a riddle—what has three corners, three sides, and a sweet middle?

As Cookie Monster eloquently puts it, “Hamentaschen is one of me favorite cookies! (Om nom nom.)”

The Master Class: Joan Nathan shows you how to make the ‘ultimate hamentaschen‘ in a Food 52 and Tablet collaboration.

Feeling inspired? Try her recipe.

The Delightfully Festive: In what feels like a Woody Allen movie, the Aish Center set up a booth outside of Zabar’s and traded hamentaschen for jokes.

The highlight is probably the one about Levi moving to Israel and getting stuck at customs with five sets of dentures.

The Hamentaschen How-To: Chavie Lieber and Beryl Shereshewsky bring some DIY flair—and dancing hamentaschen—to JTA’s easy-to-follow video recipe.

The bright-colored bowls are, sadly, sold separately.

The very, very NSFW: Bubala Please is back with another bizarre rap, this time about “homies noshing hamentaschen.” Here’s hoping the word ‘Jewgina’ doesn’t catch on.

Which is your favorite?

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