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The Jewish Cat Lady Talks Purim Costumes

If your cat is like mine, she is highly religious and desperately wanting to participate in the holiday of Purim.  I say, make a mitzvah. Dress your cat up for Purim.  Here are some of the best Purim cat costumes I’ve seen:

The King catMake Ahashverous proud. For the cat that wants to be king, but perhaps tires of the traditional crown and jewels.


Batman catSimple, badass elegance. Give your shy cat a sense of confidence at any Purim party.


Sushi cat
For the modern Jewish cat. Lighter on the carbs than hamantaschen.



Davy Crockatt –
American pioneer, biblical pioneer. The hat makes it work.

Queen Esther cat-
A more traditional approach to Purim.
Dress your cat like the princess she demands to be.

Lobster cat Treif. I couldn’t resist.

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