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The Ten Plagues Makeup Project

From manicures to snacks (doesn’t that seem a bit, well, gross?), the ten plagues can be far more than drops of wine on a napkin. What about, say, a full special effects makeup experiment?


“Growing up we learn about the plagues but this brought about a more vivid understanding,” Rivka Goldin, who served as the canvas for the painted plagues told Jewcy. “It takes viewers on a journey through the 10 plagues.”

This project is actually a collaborative effort of three siblings— Chaya Pekar (a professional face painter) came up with the concepts for each plague and applied the makeup on Rivka, and their brother Zusha Goldin (a professional photographer) took the pics.

And so, we present them to you, in glorious creepiness. Which is your favorite? Ours may be diseased animals, a phrase we never thought we’d get to use.

  1. Blood

Plague of Blood

2. Frogs

Plague of Frogs

3. Lice

Plague of Lice

4. Wild beasts

Plague of Wild Animals

5. Diseased animals

Plague Death of Animals

6. Boils

Plague of Boils

7. Hail

Plague of Hail

8. Locusts

Plague of Grasshoppers

9. Darkness

Plague of Darkness

10. Death of the firstborn

Plague Death of Firstborn

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