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Punk Monks

Does this scream “The Matisyahu Effect” to anyone else?

Underground music scene: check. Funky-ass beards: check. High degree of religiosity combined with secular audience street cred: check. Only a matter of time until these guys sign a deal with JDub, yo.

(Overlooking, please, for just a moment, the wrenchingly bassackward afternoons these brothers are described promoting “life” outside an abortion clinic…) To pare it all down, nice and punk and universal: It don’t matter how hard the religious elders try to foist their musty relational tactics upon the young ‘uns. Spiritual reckoning and renewal cannot be packaged and sold. The revolution will not be broadcast via synagogue newsletter. Take your outmoded ideals and shove ‘em. The kids are all right. And so on. Amen.

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