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Proof of God’s Existence

Okay, I try not to link any one site too often in too short a time span. But John Spalding is on a roll over at Soma Review. He’s found us an amazing Youtube flick that proves—once and for all—the existence and divine genius of God!

Not only that, Kirk Cameron has a cameo…

I know this is totally dumb. I know. And I laughed my ass off.

But… (and you may lose all respect for me when I say this) as dumb as the video is, and as much as I know it isn't "proof" of anything… I have moments when I realize things like this myself. Personal moments, when something very physical and small reminds me that the world can't be an accident. Reminds me that the world fits together too nicely.

Good sex. Hard boiled eggs when you're in a hurry. What salt water does to my hair. Peanut butter and milk. Giving birth. Aloe. Fingernails.

Now, I don't get into debates with atheists, and I don't think one can prove God to anyone else, but I feel it's worth taking a second to admit to this… since I post a lot of sarcastic bits on this site, and this is a chance to cheese out.

The way a banana fits the hand is exactly the kind of thing that makes me believe… in something. As good an argument as anything, when one isn't making an argument out of it.

Call it God, or call it lucky agriculture… either way it makes me think the universe has an order I can believe in.

Anyone have any other dumb confessions for faithhacker? Anyone else ever have a moment of "Wait, THIS can't be just an accident!" Or am I all alone? AThe single Jew who can see a point in the freaky evangelist's dumb proof?

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