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OMGWTBIBLE Podcast: Let the Exodus Begin!
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OMGWTBIBLE Podcast: Let the Exodus Begin!

Have you ever wanted to hear an incredibly irreverent translation of the Hebrew Bible read live in the back of a bar? Well, now’s your chance! OMGWTFBIBLE, David Tuchman’s lovingly comedic new version of the Tanakh, is starting the book of Exodus.

This month, he was joined by Mordechai Levovitz of Jewish Queer Youth as they read and made fun of the first chapter from that epic novel which became a movie starring Paul Newman Exodus. Below, you can listen to the first installment of this month’s show, where David discusses JQY and religion with Mordechai and they begin the reading.

David Tuchman translated the Tanakh as a comedy and called it OMGWTFBIBLE. Each month on his podcast, he calls up a different guest to read as many chapters of OMGWTFBIBLE as they can while they both make fun of it.

Jewcy is the proud (internet) co-host of OMGWTFBIBLE. Read more about the project here, and listen to previous episodes here.

David will be reading the next live show with Y-Love at Beauty Bar on September 22 at 8pm.

(Image: Christian Bale on the set of Ridley Scott’s Exodus, via

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