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Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye…
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Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye…

So, this week when I rest for Shabbat, I'll be resting for good. At least as far as Faithhacker is concerned. I'll be leaving after I post tomorrow, and not coming back as a blogger…

I could blame this decision on the baby I'm about to have, or on the book deadline I'm racing… but the truth is that I just feel I'm running out of things to say. And I feel there are loads of you with lots of wonderful things to say…

And over the past 7 months, I've come to respect and love this community (even some of the anonymous crazies), so the last thing I want to do is let you down. I'd hate to start totally "phoning in" all my blog posts, just to avoid quitting.

I was going to wait until tomorrow to tell you this, but I'm a terrible secret-keeper. And sitting here, searching for something to talk about (Shavuot? the Jews of Baltimore? The fact that they're tearing down Shabbtai Zvi's house?) I wanted to get this out of the way:


I think that Faithhacker is an amazing thing. I think that Jewcy is doing something really important– creating a space that brings together different kinds of Jews for real dialogue. I think that this is a special place on the web, an honest but (usually) respectful forum. It can be surprising, iconoclastic, human. It reaches back to for a tradition, but asks blunt questions rooted in an altogether contemporary mindset.

I'll miss it. And you.

And so of course I'll still be lurking about here. But I can't think of 40 story ideas a month anymore… and there are many many people who know far more than me, and have fresh new ideas for posts. So it's time for them to take over. "Take it to the next level."

I'll be hanging out, learning from them. And so I'll see you here.

(and now that that's said… I can throw up a few last posts without feeling like a secret-keeper)

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