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Eugene Levy Wants to be the Passover Tim Tebow

Jon Stewart made a persuasive argument on The Daily Show for sprucing Passover up, pointing out that the holiday commemorating the Jews’ exodus from Egypt is not as fun as Easter, which has Easter egg hunts, chocolate Cadbury eggs, and a festive bunny. “We Jews are getting our asses kicked out here,” Stewart exclaims with mock horror before suggesting a mascot: Passover Pete, the guitar-playing, pizza-eating lion (never mind the whole not-eating-bread thing). What we needed, he explained, was a Jewish Tim Tebow.

What Stewart didn’t know was that Eugene Levy had already taken on the role of Passover mascot, showing up to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon with matzo, Manischewitz wine, and a matzo tie. He had Fallon put on a yarmulke as he did the blessing over the wine, which he shared with fellow guest Guy Pearce. He’s no quarterback, and his whole dorky dad schtick got pretty old around the third American Pie remake, but hey, maybe he plays guitar?

(photo credit: Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

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