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Who the Brits Are Backing in the US Election
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Who the Brits Are Backing in the US Election

The day after George Bush was re-elected, the British tabloid Daily Mirror ran an infamous headline that echoed the thoughts of a great many people. "How can 59,054,087 people be so DUMB?" it screamed. The Guardian's G2 section ran a more measured (and, for those of us revelled in their discomfiture, infinitely funnier) front page of funereal black, broken only by the two tiny words, "Oh, God". There's no doubt, though, that the passing of Bush Jr. will be greeted with relief far beyond the narrow confines of the British left, from which both papers traditionally hail. The good news for Americans and foreign observers alike is that most of the obvious lunatics and blowhards have now been winnowed out of the process. Whichever of the final three candidates is elected President in November, they will, if nothing else, not be Mitt Romney. (We all enjoyed the gratuitous swipe at France in his gloriously over-the-top concession speech last week, but does anyone outside his family really believe that only President Romney could preserve America's superpower status?)

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