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When Rockets Hit Your Home

I was going to write a post about how American students and expats in Beersheva were dealing with being under rocket attack. But apparently, a Grad landed behind my apartment complex a few hours ago.

It makes me happy that I decided to head up the road to Tel Aviv a few days back – which in retrospect was a damn good decision.

This is what I found on my Facebook wall (If ‘Nam was televised, this crap is microblogged) when I came "home" a few hours ago, courtesy of one of my classmates and friends, who lives in the same apartment complex as I do:

“woo did you miss action. A rocket hit the fence next to your building. Very loud. Lots of security people walking and people with huge cameras running after them. I wonder if we will ever learn again? B”S is deserted. There are still some people in the dorms, but the university is empty. Hope your Israel tour is going well! I’m calling it a tour to make it sound exciting.”

Writing anything under these circumstances… fuggedaboutit. Glad I decided to stay in Tel Aviv and didn’t go into missile range today. Let’s just hope the suicide bombers don’t start again anytime soon.

I put up some more about this at Negev Rock City; as for me, I’m just reflecting on the irony that my MA will be in "Middle Eastern Studies." Yeah, this is some Middle Eastern study.

UPDATE: A student at Ben Gurion University captured the rocket attack on my building on video:


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