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The Anti-Feminist Feminist Jewish Latina

Maya Escobar, who Jew School describes as a "Guatemalan Jewish Interdisciplinary Artist" has her own line of Youtube videos entitled, Acciones Plásticas where the self-proclaimed artist plays up every possible female stereotype and markets it in Mattel-like fashion.

In the series Acciones Plásticas, I created a multi-faceted “doll”, assuming the role of designer and distributor, and even posing as the actual doll itself. My product is “marketed” in five distinct styles: The Orthodox Jew©, The JAP©, The Chach©, The Sexy Latina©, and The Mayan©. Each doll is a satirical characterization of the many roles that have been projected upon me, and into which I have, to some extent, inevitably fallen.

According to Jew School, she also markets her own line of panties. We're just not quite sure which Barbie's ass is posing in the ad. From the look of it, we'd place our bet on "The Sexy Latina."

Anywho, check out her Orthodox Doll take. If the grating Gilbert Gottfried impersonation doesn't make you gag in the first five seconds, you're good to go. Well, apart from having to listen to the video's actual content, that is. But it's still like way better than the JAP doll.

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