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Super Tuesday: Nobody’s A Winner (Yet)
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Super Tuesday: Nobody’s A Winner (Yet)

The voters have spoken….

Annnnnnnnnnd they're still speaking. A victor has been declared in only one state, West Virginia, where Mike Huckabee has secured the Republican delegates. The Romney campaign accused Huckabee and McCain of striking a "shady" deal to deprive the Mormon millionaire of votes. Romney also compared McCain to former Sen. Bob Dole, the failed 1996 GOP nominee. 

Obama has increased his prospects by nine percent since yesterday. He and Hillary are equally likely — 49 and 50 percent respectively — to secure the most votes. But voters in liberal strongholds Los Angeles and New Jersey have had trouble voting due to missing and malfunctioning machines. 

If you truly have no life, you can look at this slide show of polling places. At least it beats looking at the crumbling stock market. Will it even matter whom we elect when everyone resorts to cannibalism?

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