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Get Thee to the Produce Aisle

As summer ends so does the chance to get some great produce. Yes, your local grocery store will carry these items year-round, but they're cheapest and most delicious right now. We've compiled a list of what's in season to help you write your grocery list. VEGGIES: Corn – Corn comes in many varieties. Now is the time for crave-worthy sweet yellow corn. It's best eaten the day you buy it. A ripe ear should have a green husk that's tight around the cob with golden silk beneath. If your grocery store doesn't have a husking station peel back the husk a bit to make sure the kernels look plump.

Heirloom Tomatoes – These come red, green, purple, orange, yellow. No matter the color they're delicious in a tomato salad or eaten like an apple. They should be bright, firm, and smell like… tomatoes. They last for a few days and should be kept in a dry, cool place.

Zucchini – Look for a firm zucchini without spots or blemishes. Zucchini keeps for a few days.

Eggplant – Eggplants should be firm, have no spots, and be used within a few days of purchase.

FRUITS: Plums – Plums should feel plump–not too hard or too soft. Let ripen at room temperature until slightly soft.

Peaches – Peaches should not have bruises or marks. Ripen in a paper bag until they yield to gentle hand pressure.

Raspberries – Raspberries should be bright and full. Don't buy a package if they're all squished together. These keep only a few days.

Pears – Pears should not be bruised or mushy. Store in a cool, dry place. Ripen in a paper bag until the neck end yields to thumb pressure.

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