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Outrage: Memorial for LGBT Teens
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Outrage: Memorial for LGBT Teens

Gregg Drinkwater  of Jewish Mosaic has taken photos of an August 2, 2009 rally in Jerusalem mourning the slaying of two young LGBTQ youth in Tel Aviv. On August 1, a masked murderer entered a Tel Aviv community center and shot randomly, killing Liz Trobishi (16) and Nir Katz (26), may their memories be for a blessing, and wounding ten others. The gunman has not yet been found. Rallies have been held to remember the dead and to protest Jewish homophobia in Tel Aviv and throughout the world. That this rally took place in Jerusalem, the scene of considerable tension over lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans sexuality, gives hope for the future.

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Gregg Drinkwater is the Executive Director of Jewish Mosaic. Jewish Mosaic has agreed to raise funds from our supporters which we will pass on IN FULL to Israel’s LGBT youth organizations. CLICK HERE to make a donation via Jewish Mosaic that will be transferred to Israel in the form of a grant for LGBT youth services. Please indicate that your gift is in honor of LGBT youth in Israel.

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