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Joey Finds Truth, Beauty

We’ll probably be running my lengthier observations/reflections on the first Jewcy appearance at the Playboy Mansion, but allow me to whet the public curiousity by announcing that the evening was off-the-hook excellent, it was the perfect combination of overweight Jewish professional men, incorrigible LA social climbers, and contractually-required-to-be-flirty Playboy Playmates. All in all, an absolute smash of a night.

I'm attaching one of my many excellent pics from the evening: this one is of me and semi-celeb actor/comedian Mario Joyner just enjoying each other's company, really just being in the moment with one another. I admired his brand of deeply urban masculinity; he intuited this, and appreciated it. So obviously the esteem was mutual.

Perhaps I’m just being emotional, it’s been known to happen, but I look at this pic and I see the answer to so much of what is wrong in our world. So much suffering, so much violence, all because we allow our shared humanity to be obscured by cultural barriers, religious differences, racial divides. But then there we are, me and Mario, enjoying the perfect I-and-Thou moment, aware of nothing except for the delight we find in one another’s company. Nothing even in this cynical post-Columbine world could diminish that moment.

I don’t know, the picture just gives me hope, that’s all. I’ve been staring at it all week.


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