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The Jewish Mother’s Guide to Style : Sen7 Fragrance Atomizer
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The Jewish Mother’s Guide to Style : Sen7 Fragrance Atomizer

As I have mentioned to you all before, I recently traveled to San Francisco from New York for a small getaway. In a fiscally responsible lapse of judgement, I scheduled my departure for 6am, landing me at the airport and in-line for check in at a ghastly 4:30am. I arrived to Delta’s Teminal, Terminal B, with sleep in my eyes to what appeared to be a veritable mosh pit; Hockey players, Hassidic families of ten, foreigners and fanny packs screamed and tackled one another, all attempting to reach a check-in counter or an automatic self-check-in console. Thinking I was smarter than the average Newark Airport frequenter, I checked myself in while standing on the back of the line at a hidden console next to me and proceeded to security where I planned to carry-on my sleek, chic rolling suitcase. I stood on line for the metal detector, shoes off, undercaffeinated, sleep deprived and yawned as the sad, exhausted security guard rummaged through my belongings via x-ray technology. As she sifted through five pairs of shoes and my perfectly travel-sized lotions, one item of mine stood out – a deluxe bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume. 

Some would say I actually drink this scent; while I ensure I never smell intoxicatingly over-scented (I hope!) by limiting my application to two sprays at a time, I do tend to go through bottles of it quite quickly. The mention of my having to throw out my bottled security blanket had me in a pre-coffee tizzy, in which I may or may not have proceeded to nearest airport restaurant where I attempted to spritz perfume into a salad dressing container like a raging psychopath. Once I realized that this endeavor still meant I’d have to dump the remaining three quarters of a bottle into the trash, I returned to the Hassidic rave that was the check-in area to check my luggage, my fragrance and my dignity. I recently discovered a product that could save me from undergoing a similar embarrassment in the future, and thus feel the need to share it with all of you. The Sen7 Fragrance Atomizer will not only ensure you do not find yourself spritzing your scent into to-go containers at five in the morning, but it may just enable you to take your fragrance on the go with you on a daily basis. 


Here’s how it works: Sen7’s Atomizer comes with a funnel piece, allowing you to spritz into something far more chic than an airport take-out container. Once you fill ‘er up, the Sen7 operates on the push of a button and is certainly far more sleek than my supposedly chic airplane luggage. Available online and starting just under $40.00, the Atomizer is equally ideal for men who also prefer to not smell like anything other than their scent when they leave the gym or head into a business meeting. Pick your favorite color in the Sen7 (it even comes in metallics!) and you can carry your scent in your purse for a meeting, dinner date or – to San Francisco. 



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