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The Jewish Mother’s Guide To Style: Designer Lines for Payless
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The Jewish Mother’s Guide To Style: Designer Lines for Payless

As a Jewish stylist I typically confront a common issue when it comes to giving style advice to everyone from clients, friends, family and co-workers – money. He who famously said "Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems" was having a mental lapse as far as I’m concerned. In fact, the lack there of when shopping for anything from apparel to accessories actually proves more problematic. This is where my title of "stylist" becomes easily interchangeable with the more appropriate "bargain-hunter." The exhausting sport of searching down the perfect pieces for ones clients (and frequently, one’s non-paying friends) is daunting enough when presented with the challenges of body type, insecurity and personal preference. Throwing the word "budget" into this mix can only be classified as a serious style buzz kill. Luckily, the previously declared fashion wasteland, Payless, has recently responded to the woes of those who in the expression "head to toe," have neglected to factor their toes into their spending habits.

Please note that I, now as a shopper not a stylist, do not understand these women. I tend to spend my money on shoes and use them as an inspiration to work my way up. When trying to cut financial corners when dressing yourself, well-made shoes, handbags and a manicure are the fastest ways to come off looking "expensive," providing that you show an appropriate amount of skin and do not sport polyester or tube tops. That being said, throwing a great pair of cheapy shoes into the mix can’t hurt in the constant argument of quality versus quantity. For those who understandably lack the self-control to only buy a couple of pieces or for those who are stressed by having to continuously reinvent a small amount of closet contents, don’t fret – Payless has got your back, or your feet for that matter.

Taking a major cue from Target, Payless has recently introduced collections designed by fashion insiders to their customers who may or may not be so fashion savvy. The two collections as of late, Christian Siriano and Isabel Toledo have much and nothing in common. While designed for two completely different women, each have stylish and not-as stylish offerings for the Payless customer. Taking risks with both lines is the way to go – opt for their highest heels and the pairs that tend to exude a confident simplicity. When it comes to buying cheap shoes, choose wisely. Steer clear of oversized detailing and fabrics with too much of a sheen. Opt for interesting, more risky items that still emulate your personal style. Being that this is my column, I figured I’d feature the one’s that could land themselves on my feet this coming season. After all, stomping the fashion week tents in discounted duds worn in the right ways can give one a victorious sense of sticking it to the fashionable man. If it were up to me, I’d swipe my credit card for the bargain price of Isabel Toledo’s Sliver Bootie or Siriano’s Empress Dress boot in a New York minute.

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