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Jewcy Needs Interns!

Jewcy needs interns! Are you an intern who needs Jewcy?

We’re seeking editorial interns for spring 2010 – from January to May, thereabouts. Applicants should be college students, grad students, or recent grads based in the New York City area who are interested in Jewish journalism and web media.

You can see the full job description here.

To apply, email Jewcy Editor Lilit Marcus at Please send a resume attached in MS Word format and in the body of an email explain why you think you’d be a great fit for the position. The subject line should be “Jewcy Intern Spring 2010.”

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Jewcy Needs Interns!

Jewcy is looking for interns for Winter 2007-8 to help with day-to-day production in our Brooklyn offices. Candidates must be organized, motivated, interested in online media, and ideally good writers as well. (Actually being Jewish not required, but an interest in Judaism would help.) Internships at Jewcy are unpaid and require a minimum commitment of 2 days per week. Applicants should be juniors or seniors in college, or recent college grads. Please send a short cover letter and a resume to and indicate which type of internship you are applying for (descriptions below). Those interested in the editorial internship should also include 2-3 short writing samples.

Web / Technology Intern Your duties start with general maintenance of our Drupal-based site and office tech. Ideally, you will end up able to do higher-level theme and redesign changes. We can offer a small stipend for food and stuff with this internship.

You should have:

  1. A strong handle on HTML. If you "get" what XHTML is about, all the better.

  2. Some knowledge of PHP and how it interacts with MySQL.

  3. A real desire to learn new things, as well as the patience to keep trying when things fail.

  4. Knowledge of CSS, including selectors, with the cerebral fortitude to handle big, huge stylesheets.

  5. Photoshop skills, awareness of the "Save For Web" function.

  6. A clear understanding of FTP. If you have ever done SFTP or SSH, that's great.

  7. If you know about Drupal, then you score super bonus points.

  8. Javascript and DHTML experience also equate to super bonus points.

  9. You should like speaking to other humans, too.

Art / Design Intern Art / Design interns must be proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Ilustrator and InDesign. Illustration and typographic skills are a plus. Self-motivation and strong online image researching skills also required.

Editorial Intern This is a great opportunity for eager, young journalists to earn clips, learn about the cutting edge world of online media, and work under talented, entertaining editors. This is a creative position with room for growth. Daily tasks include researching and uploading articles, as well as maintaining and updating the website. Copyediting is also involved. Related work experience or internships are a plus but not required.

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