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Internet Communities full of Nazis; Craig terrified
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Internet Communities full of Nazis; Craig terrified

In a stunning deviation from rational thought, I've been forced to come to terms with the fact that the internet is wholly and irrevocably saturated with racist idiots.

While working to increase the size of Jewcy's userbase through popular community websites YouTube, MySpace, and flickr it's become increasingly apparent that these sites are 24-hour nonstop havens for Neo-Nazis, confederate sympathizers, and other pre-Homo Erectus species.

Far from providing intellectual discourse to stimulate debate on why Jews (or blacks, or PC users) are evil (or thieves, or smelly), there are literally tons (yes, I measured) of pages with content devoted simply to promoting hate seemingly for the sake of promoting hate.

If it's not a video shrine to Hitler, it's an animation rationalizing Middle East unrest in a light-hearted, Children's setting. And it goes deeper than you think. If it's not those, it's some jingoistic redneck eager to blame all of Islam for the world's troubles. How many different ways can we present "Lake America" images before it stops being funny? ("Well, gee, I guess that depends on the number of countries considered to be in the Middle East…")

To top it off, the comments that these videos incite are crimes not only against sundry ethnic groups and religions, but the entire English language. One person posts:

viva hitler

Another cleverly responds:


I thought it would be more clever to say, "Shitler!" to express your sentiment in fewer words, but I'm not the one shitlering, I guess. Then of course, there's always the people who can form complete sentences (sort of):

Why are you guys watching clips glorifying the Fuehrer if you don't want to see him? Fucking morons. Hitler was a great man and a political genius. The jews will skew his image to gain sympathy for their fucked up agenda until Israel is the greatest power on earth. Hail Hitler.

And this guy just doesn't know what to think:

Hitler was genius and a piece o shit too. fuck the nazis!1

What's the story? Why are people on the internet so fucked up? Is it anonymity? Are there really not that many of them, but it seems like it because the majority of internet users are too busy posting "What's up? LOL" messages on their buddies' MySpace pages?

Either way, I want out. I want Canada, or better, some place that people don't hate. To quote Disney's The Lion King:

If this is where the Monarchy is headed Count me out! Out of service, out of Africa, I wouldn't hang about This child is getting wildly out of wing

While I realize that may not totally apply, I also was hoping that most readers were so enflamed by these YouTube postings that they had already left the Blog to register their hate (via YouTube comments utilizing gratuitous use of the word "Fag") and I would get off scott free. HAIL DISNEY.

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