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But Is He A Kike?

Jamie Kastner's documentary, "Kike Like Me", airs tonight on the Sundance channel at 10pm. Should be very in-ter-es-ting.

According to an interview in today's New York Times, Kastner says the film "stemmed from being continually asked if he was Jewish because of his looks or his name."

And the film refuses to answer that central question. "Kastner teases the audience with hints about his identity: his circumcision, his attendance at Catholic boarding school, a photograph of his blond mother and one of his dark-haired bride on their wedding day." (Wait: I'm confused. Can Jewish people attend Catholic boarding school and be blond? Can non-Jews be circumcised and swarthy?? Help!)

Is he or isn't he?

"'Do you want to blame me for Israel? Do you want to set me up with your daughter? So why do you want to know? What is it in yourself, audience, that you are prejudicing?'"

Well, if I wasn't black, I couldn't say "Nigger". (Luckily my stepfather's Sephardic!) And if Kastner isn't a Jew he sure as shit can't say "Kike".

So I'm eager to see the film and find out whether I think this man's a genius or a total a-hole.


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