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Dave Choe proves unworthy of Internet Privileges

Dave Choe, Jewcy's resident guerilla art director, left the New York offices about two weeks ago for California. Since then, I've had to hop onto his computer on a semi-regular basis in order to seek out art source files, mockup designs, and various other creative assets to help get the site ready for launch.

Today I sat down to find some of the stuff Dave did before he left that we could use for the header images on the homepage. As I searched, it became increasingly apparent that, while Dave's "Source-Images" folder did contain some very helpful graphics, it was without a doubt, primarily a repository for the respectable collection of porn he was apparently accumulating while at the office.

And we're not just talking a couple images of Joey in his Underwear here and there (says Tahl, "Yes, that's his underwear. He's disgusting."). This is straight up porn.

So I got my files and left, later commenting about the predominance of porn on Dave's work computer to Tahl. He laughed for a second, and then asked whether I was serious. When I told him I was, he made me go back and delete everything in there that could be classified solely as smut… That is, the Farrah Fawcett nude screencaps had to go, but the fat naked hog-woman stayed. (I'm really sorry I can't link to that, folks. It's [somehow] possible that we'll have a use for it someday.)

Jewcy has a strict office network usage policy that Amy made us all sign a little while ago, though it's been made evident since then that on any given workday, two or more of those rules will usually be broken just in the name of research.

Don't tell anyone.

Also, keep it on the down-low that, while Dave's porn stash has disappeared, Craig's porn stash has grown exponentially.

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