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Baraq Hitler-ssein Osama

Some mania is propelling millions of Americans to vote for a man who offers them nothing but cheap, soothing platitudes about some coming golden age of national unity while scapegoating unnamed foreigners and greedy rapacious capitalists for their troubles, and building up a frightening cult of personality around himself. Most of his friends seem to be anti-Semites, and those that aren't Jew-haters seek the violent overthrow of the government and the imposition of a new totalitarian order based on the leadership of some "Worker's Party."

We've seen this movie before, haven't we? Domestic terrorists attempt to set off a revolution in their country's "Second City"; are foiled but not vanquished; and bide their time. People, wake up. First they'll come for the capital gains — and if you don't speak out because you're not a capital gain, who will speak out for you?



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