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Would You Buy Lena Dunham’s New ‘Girls’-Inspired Nail Polish?
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Would You Buy Lena Dunham’s New ‘Girls’-Inspired Nail Polish?

It’s time to throw out that old “I’m a Carrie” baby tee, ladies (you probably should have done that a while ago), the new way to identify yourself with a character on a popular HBO show is with your fingernails. That’s right, the latest phase of world Dunhamination is here: Girls character-inspired nail polish.

Dunham partnered with nail polish guru Deborah Lippmann for a limited edition four-color nail polish collection that can be yours for only $45. Finally, the world will know right away whether you’re a Marnie (Prim And Proper Pink), Jessa (Bohemian Burgundy), Hannah (Hapless Hunter Green), or our favorite, Shoshanna (Virtuous Vivid Violet, obviously).

What color are you? When it comes to thematic nail polish, we’re still on team Russ and Daughters.

Lena Dunham continues to take over the universe, launches ‘Girls’-themed nail polish with Deborah Lippmann [NY Daily News]

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