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World’s Largest Shabbat Dinner In Tel Aviv Attended by 2,226 People

Back in March, Lahav Harkov wrote about White City Shabbat’s campaign to host the world’s largest Shabbat dinner in a hangar in the Tel Aviv port. Happily for Jewish number nerds the world over, the organization succeeded on Friday June 13 with a grand total of 2,226 attendees at Hangar 11—as verified by Guinness World Record adjudicator, Pravin Patel.

What goes into making the world’s largest Shabbat dinner a reality? Here are some stats from the press release: “800 bottles of wine, 80 bottles of vodka, 50 bottles of whiskey, 2000 challah rolls, 1800 pieces of chicken, 1000 pieces of beef, 250 vegetarian plates.” (Sorry, vegetarians! No food for you, only crockery.) And of course, no community-building endeavor is complete without some celebs/big machers. Counted among the 2,226 souls were former Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz, basketball player Tal Brody, ex-Israeli ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren, and the Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv, Yisrael Meir Lau.

Turns out the standards for setting the Guinness World Record for Largest Shabbat Dinner are exacting and rigorous: “All 2000+ attendees needed to be in their seats and served their first course by the waiters within five minutes, and then be at their table eating… for a full hour. Table captains were appointed to report to Mr. Patel, and verify that everyone played by the rules. It was also important for the Guinness judge to know that the meal adhered to traditional Jewish customs for Shabbat, including the proper prayers, Kiddush, HaMotzei, and that the organizers weren’t breaking any Jewish religious laws. He had come having done his homework.”

Sounds like a relaxing Shabbat. Mazal tov, everyone!

Image via White City Shabbat

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