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Messy Meshugane. Again. Sassy Weather Forecasts From Your Bubbe

Have you checked the weather yet this morning? You might want to check again. provides hilarious weather forecasts from a senior citizen called Gigi, who—with her golden hair, gigantic diamante ring, and sassy attitude—is the quintessential Jewish-American bubbe. (To wit: “You know when God gives you hail, it’s like free ice. So put it in your drink, so you don’t use up all the good ice.”)

Here’s how it works: you go to the website, enter in your location, and receive one of 35 auto-generated weather videos, each about a minute long. Gigi—who is actually NUMB3RS actor David Krumholtz in mesmerizing drag—then tells you exactly how miserable you’re going to be that day, rain or shine. Sure, it’s the sort of borscht belty bubbe-schtick we’ve seen before, but Krumholtz executes it to perfection, right down to Gigi’s shaky hands and subtle eye-rolls. A thoroughly entertaining morning diversion.

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