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Watch Three Grandmothers Read the Lyrics to “Drunk in Love”
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Watch Three Grandmothers Read the Lyrics to “Drunk in Love”

Is this for real or scripted? I don’t know, and I don’t care—either way, it’s amazing.

In this video, which you should watch right now—right now—three grandmothers read the lyrics to Beyonce’s suuuuppper sexy “Drunk in Love.” (It’s the Kanye West remix, which features a nice little “Bound 2” shout-out. Even better!)

From their effusive snacking to their horrified facial expressions to their gleeful disdain, these women are a joy to watch. They ask some very pertinent questions, like “Why did you even put this out for me to see?” and “We never talked when we had sex, what’s with all this talking?” Collectively, they are a three-headed Ur-Bubbe.

If Baz Luhrmann ever decides to wreak havoc on Macbeth and set it in Boca Raton (PLEASE GOD), I want these grandmothers cast as the witches.

Not sure if I agree with their final verdict on the song (that’s a whole other essay someone’s probably already written for Jezebel), but it would be great if this became a regular series. Working title: Grumpy old Rap Geniuses.

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