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Watch the Hilarious Pilot for Sarah Silverman’s Sitcom That Will Never Air
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Watch the Hilarious Pilot for Sarah Silverman’s Sitcom That Will Never Air

Today marks the day that we finally see Susan 313, Sarah Silverman’s sitcom that NBC decided, tragically, not to pick up. The studio allowed Silverman to post the show’s pilot on her YouTube channel and it is 24 minutes of the kind of comedy that should be on television. With 30 Rock finished and Parks and Recreation steadily increasing its reliance on its characters’ stereotypes, we need a good ol’ fashion sitcom. But you can’t always get what you want, or whatever.

Silverman plays a recently brokenhearted semi-successful musician, in her late thirties, who’d been living with her wealthy boyfriend (Jeff Goldblum!) for 10 years. When they break up, she moves back into her old apartment (which she kept for a decade-money wasn’t an issue, we presume) and over-dramatizes her current situation. She pities herself instead of letting others feel bad for her on their own, if they want to. During her relationship, she neglected her friends. She tries to win back one of them (June Diane Raphael), but she initially rejects Susan’s advances for rekindling.

Susan uses everyone around to make herself feel better-including her deadpan neighbor, played by the awesomely talented Tig Notaro. Hey, if everyone else has “real” problems, then a breakup can’t be that bad, right? But when Susan can’t get the water running in her apartment, she renders herself useless for having relied on man to do everything for her.

In just a short time, Silverman points out how sometimes we let ourselves get so comfortable in our relationships that we forget how to be self-sustaining people. Things that should be easy, like calling the building’s super to get the water fixed, become stressors, which Silverman portrays hilariously but with a touch of poignant sadness.

You can watch the pilot here and then we can all talk about how sad we are that we won’t see the next episode.

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