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Watch Gary Shteyngarts New Book Trailer With James Franco









James Franco and Gary Shteyngart are lovers and friends in Shteyngart’s book trailer for his first memoir, Little Failure. Shteyngart gathered up what seems to be a bunch of kick-ass friends and acquaintances, such as Jonathan Franzen, Alex Karpovsky, and Rashida Jones, to showcase the self-deprecating author preparing for his book release.

In the video, Franco and Shteyngart sit for morning coffee in matching fuzzy, pink bathrobes–but not before Franco gives Gary a smooch–and proceeds to tell Gary he’s written a memoir entitled, “50 Shades of Gary, An Erotic Memoir.

Keep watching to see Shteyngart vent on his psychiatrist Jonathan Franzen’s couch, pay $13 for non-Fair Trade coffee from “barista” Karpovsky, and pop prescription pills in a sea of people gushing over Franco’s new “erotic journey.”

“Oh my God, it’s even more “Jewcy” on a Tablet device.” Did anyone else catch that?


(Photo by Buzzfeed)

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