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The President Goes Golfing with Larry David

Over the weekend, during President Obama’s weeklong vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, he took to the green with comedian Larry David. Because nothing helps the mind rest quite like nine holes with The Fussiest. The two were joined by former U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk and private equity investor Glenn Hutchins. You know, just your average motley crew.

David has been staying on the affluent Massachusetts island producing and starring in Clear History, a new HBO comedy released this month, starring fellow comedians Bill Hader and Danny McBride. They probably weren’t invited.

It was especially thoughtful of the president to invite David to the Farm Neck Golf Club in Oak Bluffs because he did only play 27 hours of golf all week. The two men had spoken at a party earlier in the week, perhaps that’s when they made the plans:

Obama and the Seinfeld co-creator also crossed paths on Wednesday, at a sunset cocktail party thrown in the president’s honor by cable TV mogul Brian Roberts. David discussed his new movie, set in Martha’s Vineyard, The New York Times reports. Attorney General Eric Holder, National Security Adviser Susan Rice and Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett were also in attendance.

We can only speculate, but it probably went exactly like this:

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