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The Only Exodus Round-Up You’ll Need
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The Only Exodus Round-Up You’ll Need

• Finally, the iSeder is here.

• This Russian billionaire is reenacting the Passover march through the desert this week.

Rookie editor Tavi Gevinson does not like the green variety of fruit slice candy.

• There’s a South Park Passover episode.

• “If Lucky Charms were a Jewish cereal, would the box have a picture of Rahm Emanuel?

• We highly recommend skipping the second seder and heading to BAM to see Lena Dunham’s excellently curated ‘Hey, Girlfriend! Lena Dunham Selects’Clueless and Vamp screen Saturday evening, and Dunham leads a Q&A with Amy Heckerling & Alicia Silverstone after both.

• Happy Passover, from General Ulysses S. Grant.

• Sausage! Get your kosher for Passover sausage!

• No bugs at the seder table, please.

• Why are these seders different? They’re held by Messianic Jews.

• Introducing the Bloody Maror, the ultimate Passover cocktail.

• Kim Ima’s recipe for Passover Apple cake, which she sells year-round from her Treats Truck.

• From the Jewcy archives, Deleon frontman Dan Saks shares his grandmother’s Passover recipes, Emily Goldsher-Diamond explains the joys of Kiglin, and HAVE WE MENTIONED OUR CAT HAGGADAH?

We’ll leave you with Les Matzarables, courtesy of Shalom Sesame. Dayenu!

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