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The ‘Entourage’ Movie Gets the Green Light

Doug Ellin, creator of HBO’s Entourage, has announced that the show’s movie is coming. For the fans who’ve been on the edge of their seats awaiting the film (we assume there are people who care), this is exciting news. But, for those who’ve been scorned before by television shows adapted for the silver screen (Sex and the City, we’re looking at you), this is frustrating.

There will be model looking women everywhere. Drama will get into some sort of kerfuffle with Turtle. E and Sloan will have babies and they’ll wear teeny tiny Brooklyn Nets hats. Vince will have sex will all the models. And, there will be a lot of Jeremy Piven fast talkin’ and fast walkin’, which is all anyone wants to see anyway.

Godspeed, Entourage the movie. May you empty the pockets of frat boys everywhere.

‘Entourage’ Creator: Movie Is a Go [Variety]

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