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‘South Park’ Tries to Solve the Middle East Peace Crisis
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‘South Park’ Tries to Solve the Middle East Peace Crisis

After 17 seasons, South Park has taken a stab at solving the Middle East crisis. If over 40 years of political maneuvers couldn’t do it, why not a bunch of eight-year-old cartoon characters?

In the latest episode, Eric Cartman discovers a red heifer (which happens to be an important ancient symbol in Judaism. Impressive, South Park) that unites Jews, Muslims, and Christians together in peace, love, and harmony in Israel. Cartman, who is pretty anti-Semitic, did not intend for the cow to lead to a positive outcome and threatens to destroy the peace. Meanwhile, his Jewish friend Kyle Broflovski, submits to repeated humiliation in order to maintain the calm.

Cartman and Kyle even travel to Jerusalem, talk to God, and appear on stage with Van Halen as a reporter at the concert says, “What can this reporter say except for Israel freaking rocks?” We agree.

Now if only we could find this magical red heifer in real life…

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