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Showtime’s ‘Homeland’ Will Premiere With Argentinian AMIA Bombing Plotline

Season three of Showtime’s Homeland airs on September 29, featuring a plotline about the 1994 Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina bombings in Argentina– a CIA agent has a list of six terrorists involved who they intend to capture. The episode airs during a politically relevant time in Argentina, as a truth commission between Iran and Argentina was recently approved, which is meant to further the unresolved investigation, JTA reports.

News about the attack appearing on “Homeland,” which is modeled after a popular Israeli television series, is spreading through Argentinian social media just one week ahead of the United Nations General Assembly, as local political analysts are speculating about whether the country’s president, Cristina Fernandez, will mention the AMIA bombing and the agreement that the country signed with Iran in order to jointly investigate the 1994 attack.

The joint investigation has been controversial considering many believe Iran to have been involved with the attack. In July, a memorial occurred for the 19th anniversary of the bombings that killed 85 people and President Fernandez was not in attendance, Tablet Magazine reported.

It’ll be interesting to see Homeland’s take on the issue.

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