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‘Shahs of Sunset’ Mega-Mansion Can Be Yours for Just $58 Million

When Los Angeles developer Mohamed Hadid listed his latest property, a 48,000-square-foot mega-mansion, for a mind-boggling $58 million, something about the insanely extravagant domicile looked familiar.

Eagle-eyed (or just conscious) Shahs of Sunset viewers may recall the behemoth property from a particularly tense—if entirely improbable—plot line in which Hadid enlists the help of cast member Sammy Younai, aspiring real estate mogul, to oversee the work on the house while he’s out of town.

Looks like everything went well! (Though I think we can all agree Sammy got way less lovable after that fight with MJ.) Now all someone needs to do is come up with $58 million, or else we might be seeing that house again on Season 2.

Here’s Shahs’ Sammy giving a totally impromptu (JK!) tour of the completed house, which has a pantry inside a pantry and an indoor pool that smells like lemon. L’chaim!

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