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Sarah Silverman Has a Reproductive Rights Message For All You Bros
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Sarah Silverman Has a Reproductive Rights Message For All You Bros

Sarah Silverman is back with a new video about reproductive rights directed at the policy-making bros and even just regular bros out there. “Listen up, bro,” she tells the camera. “If you love your mother, and your sister, and if you ever want to see a vagina ever again, I got a couple rules for you, okay?”

Rule #1? “The way to a woman’s heart is never through a mandatory vaginal ultrasound.”

Silverman’s video, less overtly political than her election season creations, takes aim at anti-choice legislation and urges men to get educated about reproductive rights and wise up to the double standards pervading the debate.

As she points out, “Billons of potential Americans die every day in your gym sock, but no one’s gonna legislate that.”

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