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Rashida Jones’ New HBO Dramedy









Actress Rashida Jones’ new dramedy slated for HBO, takes place among the buffers and files, in a nail salon.

The 37-year-old Parks & Recreation star is leaving the NBC series this season, and teaming up with producing partner Will McCormack for their new series, Claws. Deadline reports this as the third sale for Jones and McCormack’s Le Train Train production company. The two also worked on the Samberg starring love story, Celeste and Jesse Forever.

Claws is described as: “midnight-dark workplace dramedy-noir about a nail salon in Florida and the strange, dangerous women who work there.”

Deadline also reports that Eliot Laurence from “The Big Gay Sketch Show” will write and co-executive produce.

For all those who’ve ever wondered about the secret lives of nail techs, this show is for you.

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