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Rahmpocalypse Now: Will A Jew Run Chicago?

After months of dirty tricks, smack-talking, and a reaffirmation as to why Windy City politics are the most interesting in the nation, the day to vote has finally arrived.  While it’s unclear if a record number of voters are expected to turn out today, or a somewhat lower number than usual, one thing is for certain, the city might have it’s first Jewish mayor.

All times CST.

Last night: @MayorEmanuel is ready.

According to the now famous fake Twitter account, Rahm’s brother, Hollywood power player Ari, arrived to cheer on Team Emanuel:

6:00 AM Let the Games Begin

As he entered Chicago’s Chicken and Waffles on the city’s south side for some last second campaigning, Emanuel ran into supporters of rival, Carol Moseley Braun

7:30 AM Chicago is a hockey rink

“I slipped all the way to the polls,” one voter told me.  “Hoping Rahm or whoever wins will make sure that doesn’t happen again.  It’s an ice storm out there.”

8:30 AM Chico thinks runoff

“We’re looking at April 5, that’s the big circles on our calendar,”says Gary Chico.  Meanwhile, Rahm is out doing last-second handshaking.

9:15 AM Looking back

Redeye takes a look back at the cities last 45 mayors.

9:30 AM Joe the Jewish Plumber

Joe the Jewish Plumber (that’s how he signed the e-mail) from Rogers Park e-mails to tell us, “I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be voting for a Jewish mayor in Chicago.  This city has come a long way.”

9:35 AM Everything gonna be alright?

“I still think Emanuel will get enough of the votes today to avoid April 5,” says Chuck Sudo at Chicagoist.

10:00 AM Mayor meme.

Gapers Block wants to take this election viral.

11:05 AM Greetings from Bucktown

“I don’t care that he’s Jewish.  Rahm is the best choice for mayor.  If anybody thinks otherwise, they are totally insane.”  Sheila from Bucktown writes in to tell us.  We guess we know where her vote went.

11:10 AM Low in some places

The Chicago Tribune is saying some districts are having low voter turnout.

12:30 PM Predictions

Whet Moser of Chicago Mag predicts that “Snow and semi-crappy weather cuts into the ambivalently-for-Rahm vote.”

1:10 PM Red Line love

“Today I met the girl I’m going to marry on the Red Line towards Howard.  Both of us  voted for Rahm.”  Harold from Lincoln Park sends us this tip that would seem earns a big “mazel tov”?

2:00 PM Running smooth

The Chicago Tribune and our reader, Harold, tell us that things are running smooth.

4:30 PM There is power in a union.

Rahm talks to CNN.  Disses Wisconsin Gov. Scott Brown.  Probably can’t hurt to attempt to mobilize a few last second union votes in the Windy City

6:00 PM Winding down

It’s been a “light turnout,” but from what we’re hearing, things are “upbeat” according to one reader with close ties to the Emanuel cam paign.  According to the Ward Room Twiiter, people are already congratulating Emanual, referring to him as “Mr. Mayor.”

7:00 PM Polls closed

Polls closed officially.  People connected to the Rahm campaign are telling me that they don’t think there’s going to be a runoff.  We wish them luck.

7:05 We had to mention it

Can’t help it, but @MayorEmanuel is done.  He wants a beer.

7:30 PM Rahm with a commanding lead

According to the latest Chicago Tribune polls, Emanuel has 51% of the vote, the next closest is Chico at just under 30%.

7:50 PM CNN calls it

According to CNN, Rahm Emanuel is the projected winner.

8:10 PM WGN calls it

Rahm Emanuel is going to become the first Jewish mayor in Chicago history.

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