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Judy Blume Reveals the Cover and Title of Her New Book for Adults!
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Judy Blume Reveals the Cover and Title of Her New Book for Adults!

blume_unlikely event

Earlier this year we learned that legendary novelist Judy Blume—bard of bra, prophet of period—would be releasing her first book for adults since her 1998 bestseller, Summer Sisters. Carole Baron, Blume’s editor at Knopf, was elusive in her description of the book, coyly promising readers “writing about family and about friendships, about love, about betrayal… quintessential Judy,” but offering no details of the plot.

Now, happily, the press machine is swinging into motion, and we can officially GET EXCITED. In the Unlikely Event is based on three real-life plane crashes which occurred in the author’s hometown of Elizabeth, N.J. in 1951. Blume was 13 years old at the time, and—not surprisingly—freaked out and mystified by the tragic events.

“It was a crazy time,” Blume said in a press release issued by her publisher. “We were witnessing things that were incomprehensible to us as teenagers. Was it sabotage? An alien invasion? No one knew, and people were understandably terrified.”

Knopf elaborates: “… Blume uses this background to weave together a story with an unforgettable ensemble of families and friends across three generations. The hallmark traits of Blume—a deep concern for her characters and the authentic capture of an era—are evident on every page as we see her protagonists grow up, fall in love, marry, cope with loss, deal with estranged parents and difficult friendships and familial obligations, remember the good times, and finally, wonder at the joy that keeps them going.”

Quintessential Judy, indeed.

The book will be released on June 2, 2015.

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