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Lena Dunham Interviews Judy Blume and All is Right With the World

Ladies and gentleman, stars have collided. Lena Dunham has interviewed Judy Blume, and it’s being published as an 80-page mini-book in The Believer. Two of the greatest women in the world sat down together, admiring each other’s work, and chatting about “writing, celebrity, sex, censorship, and favorite breakfasts,” according to McSweeney’s. I wonder what their favorite breakfasts are? Mine is the one where I’ll have that interview in my hands, and I read it as I devour my muesli.

The generation gap doesn’t stand a chance—perhaps because Dunham and Blume have reading in common. “When we, as young women, are given the space to read, the act becomes a happy, private corner we can return to for the rest of our lives,” Dunham explains in her introduction. “We develop this love of reading by turning to stories that speak to the most special, secret parts of us. And here comes Judy Blume.”

Here she comes! McSweeney’s offered us a little preview at what we would be getting, and it’s pretty amazing stuff.

JB: My first favorite books were the ones in the Betsy-Tacy series. But they weren’t popular in school. I didn’t know anyone else who was reading them. I liked Nancy Drew, used my allowance to buy one every week at the Ritz Bookstore. In sixth grade I made up books to give book reports on.
LD: You invented them?
JB: I did.
LD: You would report on a book that had never existed?
JB: I did.
LD: Were you ever caught?
JB: Nope. I always got an A on those.
LD: That’s incredible.

Oh, LD and JB. You guys are the best. Who said Friday the 13th was bad luck?

(Photo by Janette Beckman/Getty)

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