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Jonah Hill Prank Called in Preparation for ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’









Funny guy/serious actor Jonah Hill couldn’t walk into a Best Buy “in character” for fear of recognition, so instead, he decided to prank call the store in the voice of his Wolf of Wall Street character, Donnie.

The 30-year-old actor, whose real surname is “Feldstein,” told Jimmy Fallon that the phone calls proved especially helpful for mastering the voice of his character,¬†because he had to get used to talking with prosthetic teeth while doing a Long Island accent.

Jonah spent “hours” on the phone with various Best Buy employees, and gave a special shout out to his favorite store, the Honolulu, Hawaii Best Buy.

Well, all that prank calling must have paid off, because Jonah is nominated for an Oscar under the category of “Best Supporting Actor,” for his amazing work in the Martin Scorsese directed film.

He was also paid “peanuts” in comparison to his other co-stars. Jonah received $60,000 for the seven-month production; $60,000 is apparently SAG’s minimum wage.

Watch Jonah chat with Fallon about his pranking-prep for the film.

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